How to sell your movie – checklist

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Create a specific website for your movie site Conduct research on several hosting companies, find accommodations that are right for your website, and book your domain name. When you purchase a hosting service, the domain name is usually included in the purchase price.


The brand’s merchandise is equivalent to combining the belt with the shoes. Don’t complicate your marketing. Make sure your colors, logos, logos and fonts are consistent.


Most filmmakers have created a crazy website with a variety of ringtones and whistles. Your website should be simple. You must have a trailer, an information page, a buy button, a link to a social network, and a list of audiences.


Of all the content I mentioned, the most important thing is to include people in your list of inclusive audiences. The viewer list will allow you to collect your name and email address. Now you can ask yourself the following magical question: “How many VOD downloads do I need to sell to restore my investment, and how will I sell them?” Answer these questions, you You can also talk to your investors.