DB17 team spotlight: WoofAdvisor

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Why did you begin your startup

Because I identified a very important problem / need for a very sizeable – and growing – market of a global community of Pet Lovers who wish to travel with their Pets, that is currently not being properly addressed, and because bringing the solution to market now is very timely, making it a very attractive business opportunity.

The main driver behind the global growth in the trends in Pet Travel is Pet Humanisation – people treating pets, especially Dogs, as a member of the family. The concept of Pet Humanisation is now accepted as mainstream with the most recent Eurominotor analysis reporting 70-80% of all pet owner globally as falling within this category (Pet Humanisers).

What do you do?

We provide Pet Lovers with listings of Pet-friendly Accommodation, Amenities and Pet Services, including pet-specific information and Pet Policies, all verified as Pet-friendly directly with the business owner, and independently reviewed by like-minded Pet Lovers.

What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

Bring this to market as a one-man operation: its a very big undertaking, requiring a lot of pieces to be in place to work. This includes creating & sourcing sufficient relevant, reliable, trusted content that engages with users, and adds real value to the extent that they will not only (re)use our platform, but want to share it with other Pet Lovers. By default, this content has to encompass (as a minimum) Accommodation Listings, Amenities & Pet Services (3K verified listings to date), Blog Posts and Social Media.

What’s your goal for demoing at DublinBeta?

Currently building towards UK Launch – next step: looking to secure funding and/or co-founder to do that launch justice, while continuing to build content.