DB17 team spotlight: GECKO

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Why did you begin your startup?
We have lived our client’s pain! In 2011 I set up a hedge fund consultancy in London and the biggest challenge we faced was trying to manage 20+ competing client projects at once. Many were at different stages of development, with constantly changing client requirements, budgets and taking place simultaneously in different locations worldwide. It was extremely difficult to have a clear, accurate view of how all our projects was performing in real-time (e.g. progress to date, resourcing, and financial return). We needed a “bird’s eye view” across all our projects. After searching for suitable software in the market for 6 months we gave up and decided to build Gecko.

What do you do?
GECKO enables users to manage a large portfolio of projects from one central dashboard.
It is specifically aimed at Professional Service companies – to make it easy for their senior managers to manage and monitor a programme of client engagements in real-time.

What’s been your biggest challenge to date?
The fact buying cycle is very long, in medium large professional service companies, which means we have had to carefully manage our finances and business development strategies. We have targeted those in the industry we are familiar with, in terms of connections and program management experience.

What’s your goal for demoing at DublinBeta?
We’ve previously attended DublinBeta events, and have found them to be a marvelous platform for raising market awareness and showcasing new technologies, within the exciting Dublin startup community.