DB17 team spotlight: Espressio

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Why did you begin Espressio?
It was a problem I had myself. I’d be on my way to college in the morning and I knew I’d be walking past a cafe where I wanted to grab a coffee but I also knew that if I went in and waited in line I’d miss my train and I’d be late. I found myself just wanting to pull out my phone and order there so it would be ready. So that’s how it started.
What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

It’s a one-man team at the moment, hopefully, I can take on a technical partner going forward and build from there, but it does make things more difficult when going solo. From that, the biggest challenge has been that I’m not a programmer so without a technical partner I’ve had to look at initially outsourcing development, and obviously raising capital for those costs isn’t easy.

What’s your goal for demoing at DublinBeta?
I suppose just to gain some more insight, more customer validation and get people’s opinions. The promotional aspect as well, if we can get more email leads, and social followers it will be a success.