DB17 team spotlight: complyfile

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Why did you begin your startup?
Scratching our own itch: as committee members of our local football club, we realised there was a massive gap between paying lip service to safely recruiting volunteers, and actually doing the job properly; and that we couldn’t find a software solution to bridge the gap in the market.

What’s been your biggest challenge to date?
How to actually persuade charities and governing bodies, which issue all these compliance guidelines to its members, that just writing paper guidelines isn’t sufficient, and if they really wanted to be proactive to its members (to help reduce liabilities and better manage risks) they would also implement some sort of solution for their members to use.

What’s your goal for demoing at DublinBeta?
We’d really like to increase awareness of Complyfile to anybody that is involved at board of directors or committee level of any voluntary organisation, that there is a specific Irish software offering out there that is designed to help… no more excel spreadsheets to do everything.

We have spent the last two years developing this software and are keen to save time for volunteer administrators/managers, help them get their lives back, and in the process make those organisations safer places for children.