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DB17 team spotlight: Espressio

Why did you begin Espressio?
It was a problem I had myself. I’d be on my way to college in the morning and I knew I’d be walking past a cafe where I wanted to grab a coffee but I also knew that if I went in and waited in line I’d miss my train and I’d be late. I found myself just wanting to pull out my phone and order there so it would be ready. So that’s how it started.
What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

It’s a one-man team at the moment, hopefully, I can take on a technical partner going forward and build from there, but it does make things more difficult when going solo. From that, the biggest challenge has been that I’m not a programmer so without a technical partner I’ve had to look at initially outsourcing development, and obviously raising capital for those costs isn’t easy.

What’s your goal for demoing at DublinBeta?
I suppose just to gain some more insight, more customer validation and get people’s opinions. The promotional aspect as well, if we can get more email leads, and social followers it will be a success.

Find out more about Espressio HERE

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DB17 team spotlight: MyOctopus

Why did you begin MyOctopus?

We began MyOctopus after our CEO Larry had a few problems with his smart thermostat. A little research showed many limitations with smart-home devices: connectivity, lack of flexibility in configuration, server failures and data privacy / transparency, to name a few. These issues caused us to look at the problems from a much wider perspective. We decided to create a device that could solve these problems and be future proof: a multi-tool approach flexible enough to adapt, evolve with the home, and be capable of solving issues we can’t imagine yet.

“I wanted to build a physical platform that will allow others to build on it, extending the flexibility of software design thinking to the maker world of hardware.” (Larry Wawro)

What does MyOctopus do?

MyOctopus does everything for your smarthome – it will make your home truly smart, connected and responsive, without compromising your data or privacy.

– It will increase the controllability and monitoring capacity of appliance and devices in the home network, learn your patterns and routines, and save you time and money.

– The device is packed with onboard sensors, CPU and a self-learning AI. it is able to connect to virtually any device, and to record and store data from ‘dumb’ devices.

– The open-source platform allows you to download apps, create apps, build MyOctopus on your own hardware, and see and control everything that happens to your data.

– All computation and storage happen on-device.

– MyOctopus is the most fully featured, flexible, ‘human’ smart-home solution on the market.

No home exists without a community around it, and in today’s increasingly connected world, community is online as well as local. MyOctopus is building an open-source smart home community to bridge the gap between makers / coders and less technical people; with data security and privacy concerns mounting, online communities are how we can all learn from each other and be wiser and safer in todays ‘always online’ world.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Not enough hours in the day!

Our biggest challenge so far is really the sheer amount of work that needs to be done! We are a core team of 3, with about 5 people helping on a voluntary basis. We need more people!

What’s your goal for demoing at DublinBeta?

Dublin Beta is an excellent opportunity to showcase our device to the vibrant Dublin tech community.

We have just began our seed round of fundraising, and are more than happy to talk to any parties interested in investment opportunities.

We also look forward to gaining valuable feedback, raising market awareness and to get more people on board – coders, makers, webfiends – all are welcome to jump into our ocean and join our open-source community.

Find out more about MyOctopus HERE

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DB17 team spotlight: Muddy

Why did you begin your startup?
We started in June 2014 and launched our iOS MVP June 2015.
What do you do?
MUDDY, is the free iOS music app acclaimed as ‘Twitter meets Shazam for live Music’ which is a game changer for the live music industry.
Coupled with innovative geolocation technology Muddy offers a unique twist to location based music discovery – allowing users to instantly see which Artist is playing live in front of them.
Tap to discover and connect with the Artist live in front of you.
What’s your goal for demoing at DublinBeta?
Main goal – finding a co-founder who is a developer / meeting / potential investors


Find out more about Muddy HERE

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DB17 team spotlight: Student Space

Why did you begin your startup?
We began the start-up to offer a digital solution to students who have trouble securing accommodation. Both myself and my partner are in university currently. I also am employed at a gym where I manage sales and my partner is completing an internship at Microsoft. Read more

DB17 team spotlight: complyfile

Why did you begin your startup?
Scratching our own itch: as committee members of our local football club, we realised there was a massive gap between paying lip service to safely recruiting volunteers, and actually doing the job properly; and that we couldn’t find a software solution to bridge the gap in the market. Read more

DB17 team spotlight: Squelo

Why did you begin your startup?
We want to fix recruitment. We want to help people better stand out with their achievements and we want to help people find meaningful careers. We are also helping companies to find better talent matching their Culture. Read more